Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dedication prayer

I may not have given birth to you

but I promise to see you for who you really are.

I will shine the light on your true gifts

and with a deep well of understanding, comfort you when life is hard.

Yes I may not be any one person’s mother,

but with my compassion I shall attempt to nurture all.

May my breast feed many men and children.

May the openness of my heart heal those who are wounded.

Let the limitlessness of my life expand me into the great mystery

so that I may bring magic back into the routine of other’s lives.

May the freedoms I enjoy enable me to serve many.

This book is dedicated to all my brothers and sisters before and behind me

who have been, or will find themselves, on this path of self discovery.

To empower, honor and encourage them along the way.

And to my Aunt Pauline who never married or raised children.

May all beings be free from suffering and may all people awaken to their true nature.

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