Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enough to Love - an introduction

This is a book for and by people who choose not to or can’t have children. A book of stories about how our maternal/paternal longing can be fulfilled in other ways. Love stories really, but a different kind of love story – a different journey of discovery.

As my own biological clock approaches the final hour, I find myself listening to a little voice inside that asks: “Why be beholden to one, when you can be available to many?” Can my intrinsic need to share that very special kind of mother love be satisfied and fulfilled by a life without children of my own? I believe so. And if this is true for me, it must be true for many others.

I believe the world as it is right now can benefit greatly from our love and service. Once we devote our life to raising our own family, often there is little left over to give to causes that serve the greater good. What might happen if a growing percentage of us choose to give our love to the collective rather than our own families? Perhaps there will be a chain reaction of positive impacts with great benefit to all. What if we love ourselves enough to honor and celebrate our lives as they are and to live them fully?

While the reasons why people can’t, or won’t procreate vary and may come in to play when telling their story, this is not the main interest or focus of the book. Rather it is an exploration of what was and is possible in the life of a person who, for whatever reason, did not give birth to his or her own children.

My hope is that these stories serve to inspire and uplift. And most of all, if you are one who hears the call to give your love and life to the world we live in, rather than one you create in your own family, you are not alone. May you heed the call, share your love, and may the earth and all beings be healed and thrive because of it.

THANK you!

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