Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everyone has a great idea for their life...

Discover the great idea of your life, and set it free.
But don't kid yourself. It will take every ounce of you.
No weak, halfhearted effort will raise this child. Only a mothers love will get the job done.

The work of the creative person is to make her idea independent of her,just as the work of a parent is to make her child independent.

Many times people are afraid to embrace their idea, their vision, because deep down they know they will become responsible for it, and it will hold them, like a child holds a mother until it is free of her.
Just as a mother becomes a servant of the child, so the creator becomes the servant of his creation. Like any parent he is both happy and sad the day he sets it free.
It's a labor of love. What we mean by 'giving your best' is taking on the great idea of your life and carrying it, nurturing it, loving it until it can stand on its own two feet, and you are free.
Take an idea that will grab hold of you and not let you go until it has squeezed the very best from you.

That is your life¹s mission. Your mission is your special gift to mankind. It is the most appropriate vehicle through which to express your unique talents, interests, and abilities. It¹s a steady application of effort to the lifelong challenge of remaining true to your best.It¹s the love of your life in action.

Zen and the Art of Making a Living

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