Tuesday, July 27, 2010

where are you offering your love?

In the spirit of inquiry and discussion and the heart of this project, I really want to know where you are giving your love in this world that so needs it. Is your heart open? What makes that happen? the crack, or the expansion?

Lay it on me, my heart is open to you!


and from HAFIZ

Even after all this time
The Sun
Never says
To the Earth
"you owe me!"

Look what happens to a love like that,
it lights
the WHOLE sky

1 comment:

  1. yes ~ the crack in the vase is what makes it beautiful and true. so too with the heart. children are our future so I give most to them. in such times that I have known a broken heart it seems that some wisdom too pours in with the pain. I try to hold that same view for them even tho they are often too young to understand.