Tuesday, March 16, 2010

is love enough?

if so, how do you know?

and when?

and how much?

and who?

do you have to create a being to know?


  1. I could do with more love in my life (couldn't we all?). But any lack I feel is NOT because I passed on motherhood!
    Keep on with your project!

  2. I imagine the qualities of love. Eros and Agape are often spoken of; The love the ego puts forward and the selfless love. Perhaps they come from different parts of our being; a being that is and recreates itself, by seeing evidence in reaction, in projection, and the being that abides...and they blend.

  3. eye think creating beans is all ways an option tho eye all ways figered theyz enuff ovem all red eye here ~ sew ~ why not just luv them wonz ? = they is more than enough two go around as fur as eye kin see.