Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The women were open, honest, tender, brave, revealing and authentic. There are themes emerging around this topic, like the pressure women feel to have kids, especially from their own mothers, and the responses they get when they tell people they aren't going to, don't want to or can't. The reasons women aren't or don't vary, but a greater number of them than I expected have always known they didn't want to be a mom. As someone who was more of an on the fencer, and certainly someone most people always thought would because I have such a strong connection to kids, this has surprised me. Most notable of all, there has been a palpable contentment in these women's disposition, and a true ease in connection - me with them, and they with each other, even though in every circle some women have been meeting for the first time. They have been fun to be around and interesting to talk to and so consistently available and present! I definitely got some quotable material in Louisville and look forward to hearing from the women in LA on OCTOBER 29.

Thank you Valerie for hosting in Kentucky!

Thank you Patricia for welcoming me and gathering a big group in Southern California.

Santa Cruz, Seattle and possibly one other are on the horizon. Then, next stop ... This American Life! I feel it! Email me if you want me to come to your neighborhood. I'm in search of a grant now to help fund this.

stay tuned ...



  1. Caroline, I have been feeling moved to attend one of your circles around this topic...as a woman who has always wanted to have children, but is facing some new truths around that. When your Tahoe dates and location get chosen, would my attendance be possible. Thanks in advance for your time,

  2. Awesome Caroline!
    I'm proud of you and I love you!

    Go girl.