Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 8th circle

The September 8 circle at my home in Marin was held in honor of my best friend Heather who is visiting the states from her life and home, now in New Zealand. Unlike me she has always known she didn't want to have children and as it became more apparent and likely that I wouldn't, I found great comfort in being so close to someone who has such a strong and positive view about it. She is one of the most beautiful, nourishing, sensual and giving souls I've ever known and inspires me with her life as a farmer on a 750 acre piece of land she has birthed into a biodynamic farm over the last 13 years.

There were 6 of us on Tuesday - a really nice number fostering intimacy and still offering diversity. We ranged in age from early 40s to mid 60s, and in reflection from still open to having children to happily without. The sharing was honest, the stories diverse and we all left with the mind activated and newly inspired.

I am so grateful for this sharing and camaraderie and support. I feel so clear and free! I am a candle for this path and it feels good and right. Thank you beautiful women.


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  1. Hello ladies!
    As a woman who has just turned the marvellous age of 50, I am thrilled to say that I am very comfortable, in fact I feel blessed, with the fact that I have never born a child.

    Even at a young age, the desire to play with dolls or babies was never prevelant...
    Dreams of raising a family not in my realm.
    Even two early marriages did not bring on stirrings of maternal instincts..was never a driving force in my being.

    Perhaps around the age of 33 I did acknowledge the proverbial biological clock ticking, my body wondering what it would be like to concieve..
    yet there was a knowing in my primal instincts that motherhood was not for me.
    At age 42, in a wonderful relationship that I know is God's reward for having the courage and honesty to leave the others..we discussed whether we wanted to have children or not..
    this conversation lasted about 5 minutes, with both of us agreeing that we just love our life the way it is.!!

    I feel absolutely complete in the peace I feel from having listened to my inner voice...
    for in the decision to not have children,I have given myself the freedom to forgo being a parent, and to gleefully continue to live my life with a sense of wonder and adventure.

    There is ample time for self reflection, as I pursue the quest of raising myself as a caring,nurturing human being.One that lives the mission of being Joy.

    For in being my Joy, am am able to share that with others.

    I have compassion for those who so crave motherhood, and for whatever reason, cannot.
    but please, never give up loving....
    there are many out there who could use the love, including yourselves!

    Blessings and smiles